SPRING 2021 - new classes, new booking system!

Hi everyone - I hope you are all keeping well and counting down to the return that we all hope for.

I'm so grateful to all my loyal customers and so amazed at every one of us, persevering through this last year.  Online classes have become a "new normal" that I would never have expected.  Life has changed so much....and yet, some things are still so important - friends, family, and a feeling of direction that we need in our lives.  

I am continuing my online classes but with a new, improved booking system.  The "Online registration" button will take you to the new way to book my classes and over the next few months the new platform will mean I can share much more with you all about how to stay fit, flexible and fantastic this summer.  Check it out!



How can Elevé work for you?

Elevé is about you - helping you achieve your goals, at your pace. 

You may be new to fitness and curious about Pilates; an experienced sports person looking for core strength and flexibility; suffering from injury or muscle weakness with a referral from a GP or physio; at Elevé there are classes appropriate to your needs and aspirations.

Whilst the principles of Pilates run through all of our classes, each discipline addresses your health and fitness in a different way.  Check out our "About Our Classes" pages to see how each varies, and which might be best for you - or contact Sophie for an individual discussion about your requirements.

​What is Elevé Fitness?

Elevé Fitness is the new name for Sophie's Pilates, the Ely Pilates and core fitness business of Sophie Taffara-Cox.  Based in Ely, Elevé Fitness provides classes in Pilates, BarreConcept and PureStretch, all built on Sophie's extensive knowledge of Yoga, Pilates and physiology-based fitness.

At Elevé, all the classes are based on techniques proven to improve core fitness and flexibility through Sophie's years of experience in Pilates.  


The wellbeing of participants is Sophie's top priority, which is why Elevé will NEVER offer "fad" classes that favour big classes and temporary results.  All the classes at Elevé follow Sophie's philosophy -  a focus on every individual participant's health and long-lasting fitness.  

Elevé is about you - helping you achieve your goals, at your pace.